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My sweet mantra currently work along side the International artist "Garient".

Garient is a singer/songwriter/producer and has been involved in numerous projects, released albums , toured the UK  & New York, more recently he has had a song released by a Hollywood based label. His style is one of the most unique around, blending influences from many different genres, but retaining the pop/songwriter vibe. Garient has the abiltiy to complete a song from start to finish from the songwriting to the engineering/production.

For more information about Garient, then please visit his website here



Ninnjjadawg (Ryan Matthews) is an upcoming electronic music producer with a truly eclectic sound, mixing various styles such as house and techno. He currently is working on a debut album due for release 2021.


Death to the Strange (Daniel Clarke) is an indie artist based in Manchester England who has been involved in music for over 15 years. He has played thousands of gigs and worked in various bands as well as winning competitions. A true "Mancunian" with hidden talent, Daniel can impress any type of audience.


Described as one of the most original and compelling electronic music produces Ablaze has been producing EDM for numerous years completing three EP's whilst mesmorising electronic music enthusiasts with his strong beats and definitive bass synth sounds.

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