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Tape Machine




'My Sweet Mantra' is a Audio Video Digitisation specialist & Record label but with more...

Originally formed in 2019, My sweet manta has a vast amount of expertise through various areas. As well as the standard label workings we are able to offer a wide range of  services from Audio recording to digitisation of audio  and video , we can even supplying voice overs which other media based companies may not be able to offer. This business approach gives a 'personal' touch to the client needs meaning that you can sit back and let us do the hard work, freeing up valuable time. 

We also work with closely with  other companies across different industries and are always happy to give advice or guide a client in the right direction. There really is no job too big or small, whether you are an individual or business.


'My Sweet Mantra' believes that quality and service should be the most important aspect of business and we always try our best to work within the clients budget.

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